GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF WELL BEING at ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY, Thailand’s Premier Detox & Yoga Resort, on Koh Samui, Island.




ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is a stunning, Moroccan-inspired boutique resort that is haven to those seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and a healthy lifestyle. Here, we offer you more than the pleasures of an island paradise enjoyed in the comfort of modern facilities. Our commitment is to provide you with a life-changing experience, the benefits of which will last you a lifetime.


At Absolute Sanctuary, you will find a range of different routes to help you cleanse, recharge and revitalize.




Our Detox programmes are tailored for those wanting a complete overhaul, healthwise. We offer a range of different programmes, The Ultimate Detox, The Living Foods Detox and The Vegetarian Detox, customized to meet individual needs and preferences. Each is a comprehensive and holistic option encompassing daily colon hydrotherapy sessions, high grade nutritional supplements , special Detox massages and yoga exercises to help you clean inside and out, and begin anew.




Our spa packages are designed for those who want the easy way to feeling and looking good. The package allows you to choose from our wide array of massages, facial & body treatments as well as yoga exercises to help you refresh and recharge.




The ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY yoga holiday packages are for those seeking to be one in body, mind and soul. Whether you are a beginner or a dedicated practitioner, Absolute Sanctuary as part of the Absolute Yoga Group, is well placed to help you enhance your practice through our daily workouts, yoga retreats, and teacher training courses and workshops conducted by world-renowned yogis.




Our Lifestyle programs such as Anti-Stress, Be Fit and Absolute Weight Management programs offer a holistic approach to achieve goals of weight loss, de-stress and fitness through a combination of treatments and therapies that address not only the physical body but also the emotional needs of our guests to ensure that they obtain sustainable results.


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