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The Yoga Center at Absolute Sanctuary is an extension of the Absolute Yoga family, the largest yoga studio in Thailand with 8 centers in Bangkok.


Just like every other Absolute Yoga center, our Yoga Center is fully-equipped with locker rooms, yoga mats, towels, straps and blocks and our classes are led by internationally trained, inspiring and friendly teachers.




:: Jungle Studio with 50 mat capacity & custom heating & ventilation system.


:: Pool Studio with 25 mat capacity offering stunning views of our pool.


:: All studios are wood-floored, spacious with natural light through floor to ceiling windows.


:: A variety of yoga classes including Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Detox, Hatha, Hot Flow, Up to 20-30 classes per week conducted by experienced & certified international teachers.

:: Workshops & teacher trainings with the world's best yoga gurus.


:: Lockers rooms with showers.


:: Yoga mats, towels and props provided.



Meet our current teachers:




Originally from Berlin, Germany, Jana came to Koh Samui in 2005 and encountered her first yoga class with Absolute Yoga, which formed a strong passion that propelled her on her yoga journey. Strongly drawn to Hot Yoga, a regular practice helped her tremendously to get over her back issues that she had been suffering for almost 20 years. After a committed practice, Jana decided to become a teacher & started her training with Absolute Yoga’s Hot Teacher Training Program in 2007. From there she has trained under various teachers such as Harreson Martell, Shaun Hannocks, Lieve Powell, Desiree Rumbaugh, Elise Collins, Lauren Slater, Dina Amsterdam, Simon Low and became certified as Yin Yoga teacher in 2009 by Victor Chng.


Jana has a gentle approach to teaching, enabling her students to move in a rhythm that guides them mindfully with their breath. Every student is given room to nurture their body and mind in an atmosphere of safety and comfort, creating a state of balance and harmony within. Jana’s intention is to focus on each student’s individual needs, bringing their awareness to the alignment of the physical body and helping them achieve an inner balance on both the physical & mental/emotional level.



Claire is originally from Singapore and took her first Ashtanga yoga class to relieve the work-related stress from her job as a private banker. Instantly, she fell in love with yoga and experienced enormous benefits on all levels. In 2003, Claire left her banking career and embarked on a teacher training course that started a whole new chapter in her life. Some of Claire’s most influential teachers include Dr Kajal Kumar Pandit, Louisa Sear, Paul Grilley, and Matthew Sweeney.




Ampinee is a yoga and movement teacher with a background in theater, movement and performing arts. Originally a dancer, her interest shifted to the more spiritual and healing aspects of yoga when she incorporated it into her physical training in 2001. Since then, her passion has spurned her on to become a yoga teacher, having trained with famed Ashtanga guru Sharath Rangaswami and Sataswathi in Mysore , India.


Ampinee’s teaching and philosophy is influenced by her mentor Paddy McGrath, who specializes in spinal movement and spinal freedom, and spontaneously blends yoga and body movement work. Ampinee is also trained in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. She joined the Absolute Sanctuary team in 2013 as a part-time instructor.