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Stayed October 2015


Great place for detox, yoga, fitness and wellness, and very good value for money! For those traveling alone awesome!


I’ve already been here 22 times at Absolute Sanctuary and I must say there are many reasons for this. First, It is not only the beautiful place but the Yoga here is very good and there are many type of classes offered. Especially the hot yoga which is world-class here. For hot yoga, you can enjoy a workout properly and therefore recharged. This is of course taught by the professional teachers, currently, thanks to Jana and Ampinee. Also the Hydro Colon treatment, I can recommend for Petch. It feels like I always reborn. For wellness treatments, I can recommend a 4 hand massage from Nang and May which is great. But these are only a few examples of why it’s worth repeating visits again and again. For those who might feel lonely coming alone, because of the team here, who always ensure and always listen to you, you will be staying comfortable here. A special thank you to Jang from Detox and Wellness reception. She is very lovely to me in recent years. She makes a very good service, which is far above their remit as rent eg scooter, looking for cutters, or other problems and desires, she has always helped me a lot. Her English is also very good. The food is very tasty / healthy and it's not worth eating outside! Also, Pilates I would highly recommend them. Great fun. Fitness is open until 9 p.m.. I can only say that anyone who has to make for holidays and would like to do something for himself and his figure is very well cared for.



Anita Evans


Dear Marco,


Greetings from Stockholm! I am sorry I have not sent you a mail before but I could not find your e-mail address. I arrived at Absolute Sanctuary with a newly operated wrist and a shoulder that was hard to move. During my Be Fit program I was quite limited but you customised my training so that I progressed fantastically. The Aqua Power was perfect for me because in the water I was able to train my wrist and shoulder. And you took my swimming to new heights before I left I did backstrokes that was not at all possible when I arrived. You made my stay at Absolute Sanctuary great. I am so grateful that I had you as my personal trainer!


Best regards,



Pictures from David Metha, another satisfied guest from his stay with Absolute Sanctuary




Marianna Hewitt


"The Absolute Sanctuary is the perfect place for me to come on vacation. I could enjoy the amazing spa, drink my favorite juices, attend pilates classes and relax by the pool all in one place. I loved my time here and can't wait to come to Samui again just so I can visit this resort that sends me home feeling more refreshed than when I arrived"


Marianna Hewitt



Jaclyn & Paulyn


​"​Thanks for everything, Dr Will!! ​"​


Jaclyn & Paulyn



Yuko Kimura

"Thank you for your hospitality while I was there 17th to 21st May. It was such an amazing experience that changed my view on diet completely and feels great after the detox program. I truly hope to visit you again.


Best regards,
Yuko Kimura




After a long trip in Thailand and China I am finally back home in London and just wanted say a BIG THANK YOU to yourself and all the staff at The Absolute Sanctuary.


My mother and I had an amazing trip and have been recommending the sanctuary to our friends and family. From the food to the spa and the juice bar to the friendly and helpful staff to the yoga classes, our whole trip was perfect and we thank you all so very much. We both learnt and took on board very valuable knowledge from our experience.


We definitely plan to return, but cannot say when just yet. We hope the standards that you provide never slips and maintains itself.


Two small suggestions would be to introduce some evening relaxation classes and the second to include a hot tub near the pool area :)


We look forward to our next trip with the sanctuary and wish you all the best!


Take care,
NG & RG.



Catherine Storrie

Having arrived home safely from my trip to Absolute Sanctuary I wanted to thank you and all the wonderful staff for making my visit so memorable. I had a fantastic time, loved every minute of it and would return in heartbeat (now even healthier heartbeat!).


Absolute Sanctuary is superb – I was blown away by the efficiency and friendliness of all the staff and the beautiful facilities. Uli supported me through my fitness programme with care and good humour. I toned up, lost weight, gained muscle and lost fat – result!! I am totally committed to continuing the good work now I am back home.


I really enjoyed all the programmed Spa treatments and the extra pampering ones I booked – Mai is a sweetheart and all the girls were so friendly and amazing at what they do. I miss them all already!


I adored the food in the Love Kitchen and was so glad I was not fasting – the staff there were brilliant as well and so eager to ensure I had a good experience. Although not so visible, the cleaning and maintenance staff do a fantastic job and my room was always a joy to relax in.


I cannot rate my experience highly enough – it was truly excellent from start to finish. I really felt like a valued guest - please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone.


Best regards
Catherine Storrie



Koen Westrik

"The led classes in Ashtanga Yoga given by Kes Kennard at Absolute Sanctuary were very inspiring to me. Kes gave me adjustments I did not have had before. He also explained the reasons to practice this full series completely, the benefits of it and so on. I highly recommend his classes. Furthermore the meals from the Love Kitchen were delicious and the staff very friendly." 15 October 2012 Koen Westrik www.koenwestrik.nl


Warm regards,
Koen Westrik



Jane Ribinskas

After recently running my 5xday retreat @ Absolute Sanctuary Detox & Yoga retreat Centre Koh Samui I highly recommend this retreat Centre for future Yoga teaches wanting to run an International retreat. From the very first contact with Claire Bostock I received prompt customer service. On arriving my students and my self were delighted to be met by Claire at the Koh Samui Airport. When arriving @ the resort we were taken care of immediately,we loved our rooms,the pool was so great to lounge around and enjoy a detox juice or snack in-between my program sessions in the Ocean Room studio. The peacefulness of the property was divine.We found the service food and detox juices delivered from the Love Kitchen were so healthy and alive .The detox services so complimented the Detox Programs I delivered including "The Knowing Flow" vinyasa sequences& Transformational Breathing program We all left in a natural bliss state. Thankyou Absolute Sanctuary for assisting in the Success of my retreat.

Jane xxx

Jane Ribinskas
Melbourne Australia




" just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed staying at Absolute Sanctuary in March. The resort was amazing (although I do like a beer now and then, haha). The food was excellent and in particular the presentation. Your staff are top notch, in particular little Apple who I miss lots! I am also missing the hot weather, it's getting onto winter in New Zealand now and becoming cold:( " Warmest Regards



Richard Holmes

I would like to share my experience at Absolute Sanctuary, as this may help other people plan their stay. I was a 55 year old man who had let myself go a lot. Way too much work, combined with over eating, had seen me climb to 114kg, and along with that I had become quite depressed. Having never done yoga in my life this was a bit daunting, as I decided on a 10 day yoga package and stay at Absolute Sanctuary. From the very first class I realised this was going to be good for me. The 2 teachers have very different styles, but I soon started to feel comfortable and just worked at my own pace. I particularly enjoyed the "hot" classes as I sweated buckets, and started to feel better in myself almost immediately. The food menu was quite restricted and at first looked very boring, but I found it fine. A strange thing started to happen, the more yoga I did the less appetite I had, and the better I felt!!!. The Sanctuary is a beautiful place ideally suited for relaxation. There is a fabulous pool but i can warn you that the middle of the day is VERY HOT!!!.( March/April ). The rooms are fine with good air con and internet but the tv's are terrible!!!. Way too small and very few channels. The staff are incredibly friendly and go out of there way to help you at all times.The clinic staff are very professional and there is a very warm atmosphere about the whole resort.

After 10 days I really was feeling much better and was talked into a 7 day detox!!!!. I never thought it possible that I could go 7 days without food at the same time as having "colonics", but I did it!!!, and felt 10 years younger at the end!!!. I'm not going to say it was easy, but with daily massages and beleif that this was cleansing my body the time soon went. At the end of 17 days I'm happy to say that I had lost 9.5kg and felt better than I had in years.

I was concerned about leaving and slipping back into my old lifestyle so I decided to stay longer. This was a great idea but I think I stayed a bit to long ( another 18 days ) as I started to get bored with the food and the relaxing!!!. This was my fault as Koh Samui has many attractions but having been here before I found myself just hanging about the resort. In the evenings I started going out for more meals and soon slipped into the "deserts" again. Luckily I think i've learned a lot about food, my life, my body etc since being here that I will live a much healthier life on my return home. I wanted to lose more weight but the main thing is I did not put any weight back on, so I feel now it is " up to me!! ". In summary I can highly recommend Absolute Sanctuary as a life altering experience!!!


Richard Holmes with
Executive Director Claire Bostock



A. Rachel Hosein-McAvoy & T. Evan McAvoy
Portland, OR USA

My husband and I ended up at the Absolute Sanctuary by chance, having had the first 8 days of our honeymoon gratis over at the Napasai resort, and searching online for something in the area where we could spend a few more days on the island, happened upon a deal on a room at Absolute - not knowing it was a detox/yoga center!

Despite this, and us being on our honeymoon, we had a wonderful time taking advantage of the spa and the Love Kitchen every chance we had. As a native New Yorker who loves to eat (and a vegetarian of 21 years), my culinary standards are high - perhaps unreasonably so on occasion. However, the food at the Love Kitchen is...just ridiculous. In a good way. In the kind of way that your brain can have some difficulty assimilating the experience your mouth is having. It might be a little mean to have such delicious offerings for detoxers who can't partake, but we enjoyed it! We felt sort of bad enjoying ourselves so much in front of those who were fasting on broths, but it was hard to contain ourselves. After struggling to find 100% vegetarian food on Ko Samui, it was a joy and a relief and a pleasure to experience the Love Kitchen, particularly knowing that it was a completely animal-free kitchen.

The only negative comments we have about our experience at Absolute is that we wanted to take it with us! We definitely appreciate and respect the fact that the Sanctuary is about the experience of the Sanctuary, and the fact that (I assume) it makes a profit is not an immediately apparent focus. By that I mean - there is nothing in your face that says "money money money, give us your money!"

Thank you for the wonderful experience. The staff is lovely, and, as I may have mentioned - the food was excellent.

Best regards,
A. Rachel Hosein-McAvoy & T. Evan McAvoy



Michelle Sassoon
President / COO
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (S) Pte Ltd

"I had a wonderful stay at Absolute Sanctuary and look forward to coming back. The service was excellent especially at the Spa. The Yoga was great and the Alister was wonderful."



Me-Shell Mijangos
Maui, Hawaii

Being in the wellness industry in Hawaii, I can be a bit 'picky' when it comes to choosing where I want to spend my time. The Absolute Sanctuary with it's deluxe accommodations, 'aloha' staff, and incredible detox program far exceeded any expectations I may have had. I was fortunate to participate in the pre-cleanse, Ultimate 7-day cleanse and the post-cleanse /liver flush for a total of 12 days at Absolute Sanctuary. Not only did I not want to leave, the completion of my very first detox program had me feeling at optimal level with my health, mind and spirit. Will I come back? I am counting the days.



O & Y from Israel Jan 09

" AMAZING - The Ladys are stunning- kind, generous, open, lively & professional. Any business should be proud with a staff like this!"

" Give Yourself the Gift of wellbeing" your brochure suggests, and so you do. you gave us the gift of yoga, the gift of kindness, the gift of detox, the gift of looking good, the gift of detox, the gift of genuine kind & gracious people. We Will always cherish this vacation. Thank You!"



David & Louise Spicer from Vancouver, Canada

David Spicer 66 year old retired airline pilot & his wife Louise Young.


My wife and I recently returned from a 6 week vacation in Thailand. Our 1 week detox fast & cleanse program at the Absolute Sanctuary Spa was the highlight of the entire vacation. We felt like we breezed through the program which included daily colonics, yoga, swimming and massages. It provided an ideal balance of education, effectiveness and comfort. Our Energy levels remained high and our sense of well-being increased daily. We also came away with a wealth of healthy habits & tips, picked up from our daily spa routine, the staff and other guests. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about their long term overall health.

David & Louise



Adrienne Garrard from Nottinghill, London

"When I arrived at the "Absolute Sanctuary" I was literally glowing with toxic waste, feeling lethargic and overweight and even a bit down after a particularly 'merry' Christmas. People who know me will testify to the unliklihood of my completing an 8 day 'detox fast' complete with colonics and regular yoga (I'd never done a 'downward dog' in my life - at least not knowingly).

"When I arrived at the "Absolute Sanctuary" I was literally glowing with toxic waste, feeling lethargic and overweight and even a bit down after a particularly 'merry' Christmas. People who know me will testify to the unliklihood of my completing an 8 day 'detox fast' complete with colonics and regular yoga (I'd never done a 'downward dog' in my life - at least not knowingly).

The pool is heavenly to lie by whilst soaking up the gorgeous weather and the rooms are a joy to retire to - each with a lovely balcony to sit on enjoying the view down the mountain to the blue sea beyond. The funky Moroccan decor is a welcome change from the ubiquitous 'spa look' of other resorts. At the "Absolute", you CAN be fabulous while you fast!

I've come back 11lbs lighter, as brown as berry and (some might say) almost irritatingly cheerful. It's a cold and gloomy UK January but thanks to 'Absolute" I've returned filled with resolve to carry on what was started and ensure that the rest of the year continues as well as it began.

I'll be back and if you haven't been, GO!