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Private reformer classes are available on a “one on one” basis to provide students with a comprehensive workout based on their individual needs, health & fitness levels. Ideal for those who would like to truly understand the principles of Pilates and/or with specific goals to meet. It is also highly recommended for those who have injuries, specific physical or health problems that need rehabilitation. It is the perfect combination with Group Reformer classes for profound results.


During sessions, you will get the undivided attention of our Certified trainer who will tailormake a program for you according to your needs, goals & abilities .Your instructor will guide you through all exercises, ensure you have the correct placement & movement and make modifications as required enabling you to reap the most benefits from your exercises.


Private session rates:

Single session : Bt 3,500 per session

5 sessions: Bt 15,000 (Bt 3,000/session)