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The Love Kitchen at Absolute Sanctuary is a testimony that healthy food can be deliciously satisfying.


The Love Kitchen presents a new dining option catering to all as our menu not only serves to support those who are on a detox program or vegetarian diet, but also those who want a non-vegetarian meal done in healthy and tasteful styles. From innovative vegetarian dishes to seafood & meats done in tantalizing ways, we promise you a unique dining experience.


The Love Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees every day either in its air-conditioned indoor seating area, its outdoor seating area or in the comfort of your own room. And to complement our full menu, we also offer tantalizing concoctions of freshly squeezed juices, invigorating smoothies and "smart drinks" boosted with the highest-quality supplements. Just another way to recharge, refresh and revitalize!


For special events or groups, we can happily accommodate special menus and meal requests.


Our dishes are light, clean and focused on the inherent natural flavors of the key ingredients with every dish meeting a variety of dietary and/or nutritional goals. We use organic ingredients whenever possible.


From sea salt to sesame oil, everything has been carefully selected for taste, quality and, above all, freshness.


We use:


- Hand-picked local produce (organic whenever possible)

- Cold-pressed oils & whole-food seasonings

- Homemade breads, muffins, and cookies

- Dressings & sauces made from scratch

- Nutrient-dense superfoods (flaxseeds, spirulina, coconut oil)