Skype Me™!


  1. Do you take processed food at least 2 times a week?
  2. Do you smoke?
  3. Do you live in a heavily polluted area?
  4. Do you eat non organic fruits & vegetables?
  5. Do you eat meat, poultry, eggs or dairy from conventionally raised animals? ( eg: not free range, hormone-free and organically fed animals)
  6. Do you use artificial sweeteners?
  7. Do you drink soda?
  8. Do you eat foods that contain preservatives, additives, artificial colorings or sweeteners?
  9. Do you drink coffee regularly?
  10. Do you drink alcohol?
  11. Do you suffer from frequent unexplained headaches, back or joint pain, or arthritis?
  12. Chronic respiratory problems, sinus problems, or asthma?
  13. Abnormal body odor, bad breath, coated tongue?
  14. Food allergies, poor digestion, chronic constipation, intestinal bloating or gas?
  15. Brittle nail and hair, psoriasis, skin eruptions, unexplained weight gain over 10 pounds?
  16. Unusually poor memory, chronic insomnia, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue?
  17. Environmental sensitivities to things like perfumes or car exhaust?
  18. Have you taken antibiotics in the last year? do you take regular medications of any type - either prescription or over the counter?
  19. Do you eat our more than 2-3/week?
  20. Do you suffer with allergies - seasonal, environmental, food?
  21. Do you have silver dental fillings?Have you had major dental work done in the last 12 mths? - tooth extraction, silver fillings replacement, root canal etc...
  22. Do you find it difficult to focus & concentrate?
  23. Do you use domestic chemical cleaning products in your home? insect sprays?
  24. Are you exposed to chemicals reglaurly in your work?
  25. Do you dye your hair?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of the above your body needs to be cleansed and recharged.
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