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Many people are plagued by chemical and heavy metal toxicity. Mercury, one of the most toxic substances known to man, has because of the demands of industry been released into the atmosphere and has then fallen in droplet form into the environment. It is very much a result of coal powered electricity generating stations. Quantities have increased significantly over the years and now we find that many forms of seafood, particularly large fish like mackerel and tuna are contaminated with this heavy metal.


Aside from seafood, we find that mercury has been used extensively in dentistry. It has been an important constituent in dental fillings. The fillings leak mercury into the body thus poisoning it. Moreover, it has also been used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s. Although the FDA in the US is supposed to have halted the practice due to the toxicity of thimerosol in the 1990s, it still appears in vaccines and attributed by many for the startling rise in autism in children over the past ten years.


Investigators have established a link between high mercury levels in the human body and the incidence of cancer, birth defects and developmental anomalies such as autism.


If you feel that your life experiences have exposed you to mercury and/or heavy metals, we suggest you check this out. An excellent way of testing is to undergo a live blood check by means of dark field microscope. If such a test shows signs of metal toxicity, a chelation detox program is recommended. Traditionally, chelation therapies have been time consuming and uncomfortable and have involved transfusion type blood work. More recently EDTA suppositories have made the treatment easier, but now we have something that is even better and that is Activated Liquid Zeolite. As the name suggests this liquid chelation agent is administered in drop form, which can be included in water or dilute fruit juice. It is tasteless and remarkably easy to take, unlike some of the chelation methods of the past.


Acitvated Liquid Zeolite is a negatively charged substance found in volcanic larva. It has a cage like molecular framework. At cell level this draws heavy metals and other toxic chemical toxins to it. It then conducts the particles out of the body by the normal excretory channels.


At Absolute Sanctuary, Activated Liquid Zeolite is used as the foundation stone of Chelation Programs. Essentially the guest undergoes an Ultimate 7 Day Detox Program. On top of the psyllium and bentonite drinks which also help draw the poisons out of the body, a person is given 3 daily doses of Activated Liquid Zeolite. This starts off at 3 drops on day 1 and rises to 10 on day 7. The guest is then given the bottle to continue the process at home. This insures all residual matter is removed over the following 2 months.


The advantage of the Program at Absolute Sanctuary is that the colonics, Detox drinks, supplements & Detox massages cause a rapid clearing during this program. This insures the chelation process gets rapidly under way in a controlled environment. The process continues at home to insure a thorough cleansing, which makes the Chelation Program unique.