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:: What is Heavy Metal Toxicity?


Heavy metal toxicity is a body overload of mercury and other heavy toxic metals. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man and gives rise to a host of symptoms. It is a systemic poison affecting the immune system as well as neurological conditions. It causes digestive disturbances,dental problems, gum disease, heart disease, blood pressure issues, respiratory diseases like emphysema and persistent cough, as well and tremors and Parkinson like symptoms including memory loss. In children it is seen as the cause of autism which is reaching epidemic proportions at this time.



:: Who is at risk?


Everyone is at risk. Mercury is used in amalgam filling in dentistry, as a preservative in vaccines and now increasing levels are to be found in the fish we eat. People who live near coal powered electricity generating stations are at particular risk.



:: What can be done?


Mercury and toxic heavy metals tend to remain stuck in the body and blood for a long time. These sustances can be removed by using a chelating agent like Activated Liquid Zeolite, EDTA or IV chelation therapy. These chelation therapies bring about significant and life changing results.