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:: What if I have never detoxed/fasted before?


Not to worry as detox is a simple & yet effective tool for health and is suitable for first timers. Various forms of detox have been used for centuries. We also do have trained staff available to guide you throughout your program and answer all your questions. As always, if you suffer from any medical condition, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before beginning any fasting or detox program.



:: Is there anything I should (or should not) do to prepare for my Detox programs?


To help ease the body into the process of detoxification you could 'pre-cleanse' your body about 1- 2 weeks before the program by drinking a minimum of 3-4 litres of filtered water daily, reducing the amount of processed foods you eat, simplifying the foods you eat, and begin eliminating meat, diary, bread, sugar, caffeine, alcohol from your diet. This is not absolutely necessary but we do recommend it. Try to avoid “one last big night out” before you come. Honor our body and your decision to improve your health and your life. Please consult your doctor before starting any fasting or detox program.



:: Will I lose weight during the cleanse, and how much weight do most people lose?


Most definitely! Cleaning out your body promotes weight loss. Cleansing removes built up wastes in your intestines, which has immediate weight loss benefits. Also, once your body is cleaner you will find that eating healthier becomes easier and more natural. The average weight loss is about 3-5 kilos for a 7 day cleanse and about 1-3 kilos for a 3 day cleanse.



:: Will I feel tired during the cleanse?


Feelings of weakness, fatigue, flu and headache like symptoms are all common during the first 2-3 days of any detoxification program as toxins and other waste matter are being excreted from the body. Such symptoms don’t usually last long and once they have passed, you will begin to feel a new sense of energy and vitality while on your program.



:: Will I feel hungry during the fasting/cleanse?


In the first 1-2 days of your detox program, it is normal to experience feelings of hunger. However, ingredients in the detox drinks will provide bulk to make you feel full and these hunger pangs will not last. Often, it’s our emotional (not physical) attachment to food that causes hunger!



:: Can I exercise while on the programs?


During a detox it is not a good idea to put your body under too much strain or stress through exercise. However, this does not mean that exercise is forbidden. The detox process aims to give your body an opportunity to cleanse itself, flushing any toxins from your system and therefore one should tend towards activities like yoga, Tai Chi, walking, cycling and gentle swimming.



:: How does doing yoga help to detoxify the body?


Yoga is a perfect complement to any detox program as it helps in detoxifying the body. The main component of practicing yoga is deep breathing. When you breathe, you help oxygenate the cells which aid them in detoxifying the body. Combining deep breathing & full range of motion helps to release toxins from the tissues. Last but not least, the relaxing effect of yoga also helps the body in cleaning and healing itself during the detox.



:: Can I drink coffee, soda or smoke while on the programs?

No. The body cannot effectively detoxify if you are continuing to take in toxins from coffee, soda or smoking. For best results, it is important to stick with the program as it has been designed. Often, people who want to quit such habits like smoking find that the detox program can make it easier to finally quit.



:: Can I eat normally after the fast?

The key is to start reintroducing solid foods into your diet slowly after the fast. For the first day or two, eat raw foods like fruits, salads and drink plenty of water and juices. Then add vegetable soup or steamed vegetables during lunch or dinner. After a week, start slowly introducing carbohydrates and proteins such as egg, tofu, fish and chicken back into your diet. Be kind to your body - after all, you have put in so much effort into cleaning it out!



:: Can i do a detox or have a colon hydrotherapy session when I have my period?


Yes, you can have a colon hydrotherapy session during your period, but it is not advisable on the first day of your period.






:: What is colon hydrotherapy and is it safe?


Colon Hydrotherapy is an alternative therapy that has been used for centuries. It is a simple process that cleanses the colon via the rectum using a series of infusions of warm, filtered water. The water dislodges impacted matter and is released gently throughout the session. It is an effective way of internally cleansing the colon, encouraging the removal of old impacted waste and built up gas and mucous in the body. The session usually lasts about one hour.

Our colon hydrotherapy beds are custom made in accordance with standard guidelines to ensure effectiveness, comfort, cleanliness and safety. We use reverse-osmosis filtered water, warmed to body temperature for all infusions. All tubes used are disposable (one-time use only). A trained nurse is also always on hand to closely monitor the temperature and flow of the water, and may administer a gentle abdominal massage to encourage the abdomen to release, if you would like.



:: What is the difference between a colema and colon hydrotherapy?


A colema is a do-it-yourself type of colon hydrotherapy performed by oneself using a bucket with an attached hose, while lying on a board positioned over a toilet, into which the contents of the colon are released. Though the process is similar and the effects can be the same, colon hydrotherapy is generally administered by a trained therapist on a specially designed treatment bed. At Absolute Sanctuary, we use U.S. FDA-style colonic hydrotherapy tables which are 100% hygienic, extremely comfortable, and much easier to use than a colema board. You simply show up at your schedule appointment time, lay back and relax. Our staff will take care of you. Just lie back and relax. Detox has never been so easy and comfortable.



:: What's in the detox drinks and why do we have to drink them?


The detox drinks contain a mixture of psyllium fiber (for bulk) and bentonite clay with water and fresh fruit juice. Psyllium fiber helps to bulk up unwanted contents of your colon and bentonite clay absorbs toxins allowing them to pass easily. The drinks are a main component of each detoxification program as they contain the safe and necessary ingredients to assist the body in ridding itself of harmful chemicals and substances.



:: Why is there a specific time schedule for the supplements and detox drinks?


During your cleansing program, you will be getting rid of harmful substances from you body. The nature of certain ingredients in your detox drink such as bentonite clay, however, will also absorb and get rid of some good substances too. To replenish those good substances in the body, your nightly supplements contain 'good' bacteria for that very purpose. Therefore, it is important to follow the timing of your daily schedule.






:: What are the side effects of doing a detox?


Some people experience headaches at the beginning of a detox as their bodies are adjusting to the dramatic reduction of regular toxins. Other common side effects are feelings of lethargy, nausea, rashes, diarrohea and mood swings. These symptoms will usually pass as the body adjusts, giving way to a more vibrant and lighter you!



:: Is it safe to do a cleanse if I have a condition such as diabetes/heart condition/irritable bowel syndrome/ulcers/etc?


There are certain conditions whereby a cleanse should not be undertaken such as Diverticular disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, severe hemorrhoids, blood vessel diseases, congestive heart failure, heart diseases, severe anemia, abdominal hernia, gastrointestinal cancer, recent colon surgery and intestinal cancers. Pregnant women are not advised to do a cleanse as it could stimulate uterine contractions. Always consult a physician first before undertaking any cleanse.



:: Is there a certified physician on staff?


Detox is a simple & yet effective tool for health. Various forms of detox have been used for centuries. We also do have trained staff available to guide you throughout your program and answer all your questions. As always, if you suffer from any medical condition, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before beginning any fasting or detox program.



:: Can a pregnant lady undertake a cleanse?


The resort does not accept pregnant ladies for its detox programs due to safety concerns for both the mother & baby.