Candida Program
Chelation Program

If you have read over the information about Candida & Candidiasis symptoms & the test shows that you might have Candida, you might want to consider the Candida Eradication program at Absolute Sanctuary.


The 7 day program consists of

  • A specialised herbal formula to kill the Candida & other microbial over-growth in the bowel
  • Coconut oil pulling daily – rich in lauric & caprylic acids which are anti-fungal in action. Oil pulling assists in not only removing toxins from the mouth but the absorption of the acids systemically via the blood stream also enhances the destruction of the Candida throughout the whole body
  • Psyllium & bentonite drinks which effectively ‘mop up’ & ‘sweep’ away the waste more efficiently allowing the body to Detox more deeply
  • Daily colonics to remove accumulated waste, toxins & bacteria/fungus etc from the bowel in an efficient manner so the body can continue daily to cleanse more & more deeply & reduce the chances of a ‘healing crisis’ or the uncomfortable ‘die off’ symptoms that may have in the past discouraged you from undertaking a Detox program

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